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How I Use both Active Recall and Mind Mapping in My Study Workflow?

In today’s article, which is the second part of one of my articles “The benefits of Mind Mapping for the Students”. I advise you all to have a look at that article and jump right back in as I am going to refer to a lot of things from the last article. At first, have a look at what is Mind Mapping and understand why I follow it so much.

Upfront Conclusion

What is Active Recall?

What is Mind Mapping?

For What I Use Both of These Methods For?

Active Recall

Mind Mapping

How I use Active Recall and Mind Mapping in My Study Workflow?

Active Recall

Step 1: ✍Make these silly questions that you can answer later.

Step 2: 💤 Sleep! I mean after someday according to my space repetition scheduler, revise.

Step 3: 😶Now try to solve them and check them. If they are right then well and good, else mark them red and revise it again after 3 hours or the next day.

Mind Maps

A Letter To God by G.L.Fuentes

Check out my last article.

What Do I Use For Mind Mapping and Active Recall?

Active Recall

Mind Mapping

  1. Miro (It’s beautiful hence I use it when I want to present any mind maps to anyone)

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