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The Benefits of Mind Mapping for Students.

In today’s article, I will describe my experience with mind mapping for about a year now. For giving you a brief introduction of mine, I am a student studying in 9th grade. I always try to improve my productivity in every manner possible; From using notion to learning about theories like mind mapping, Pareto principle, power hour, etc.

In this article, I would try to emphasize the importance of mind mapping for students as that is who am I. If you are not a student I would ask you to have a look at this video.

Upfront Conclusion:

The Conclusion of the Whole Article

What is Mind Mapping?

Mind mapping is a method by which you can make notes, take notes, and help your memory imagine the topic. Or as I say, the best way to understand, actively, and the least time-taking way to take notes.

Why not take simple text notes?

There are two main problems with writing notes which are as follows:-

  • When you are writing notes from a lecture or book, you are just transcribing from a book or a video lecture to your copy.
  • Other than that writing notes is a passive method of getting everything in your brain and there many other ways like making questions based on the notes and then answering them, or mind mapping which is more effective than transcribing from a book or lecture.

I incorporate both of them in my study workflow. I would be describing it in my next article.

  • Writing notes is also lengthy and very time taking.

Benefits of Mind-Mapping

  • You put more time and effort into understanding the thing instead of just transcribing from one place to another and calling it a note.
  • In a mind map, you are limited to a very short area. For instance, you have only one single page to write notes from 7 lectures of a chapter.
  • It will restrict you to write the things that the most important for you.

It works as our mind works.

  • From Hazel Wagner, She says our brain doesn’t take in paragraphs, sentences, the written materials in points.
  • While our brain stores images, key ideas, we remember connections.
  • You will take less time making instead of just jotting everything from a book to computer/copies.

How to Make a Mind Map?

In the center of your page, there is the name of the topic or the question.

From there, make branches of writing sub-topics explaining it.

You Must Remember One Thing Before Using Mind Map

The only thing that you will have to remember before getting into the world of mind mapping is that you will have to revise it periodically. Here comes the concept of spaced repetition. I think you will get the most value by working in a system than believing your brain that it will remember you to revise it. I would be posting an article on space reputation very soon. Don’t forget to check it.

The reason behind that is as follows:-

  • Mind Maps are written in a very compressed form so if you are re-reading the content after a long time like 1 or 2 months, then you will probably don’t remember most of the things that you have mentioned in it.

Hope you all liked it.

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