Using Stoicism To Be Happy

There are five teachings that I learned through my 3 months of being a stoic that made me happy, feel fulfilled, and satisfied.

# Principle 01

“Some things are within our control and other things are not.” — “Epictetus”

Don’t bother about the things that are not in your control. You can’t be happy or live with freedom if you care about the things that can’t change.

# Principle 02

“If you would not have a man flinch when the crisis comes, train him before it comes.” — “Seneca”

Think about the worst-case scenario at every task before doing it so you are prepared. Through this, you will give importance to the things that really matter the most and least care about the things that you have no control in.

# Principle 03

“We suffer more in our imagination than in reality.” — “Seneca”

We judge ourselves more than anyone does.

# Principle 04

“It is not events that concern people, it is their judgments concerning them.” — “Epictetus”

Every wrong event is an opportunity to learn. No events hurt people. It is the other’s opinions that affect them.

# Principle 05

“When you’re alone you should call this condition tranquillity and freedom and think of yourself like the gods; and when you are with many, you shouldn’t call it a crowd, or trouble, or uneasiness, but festival and company, an and contently accept it.”– “Epictetus”

Accepting the present moment can only give you happiness. Not accepting it or comparing it with other pleasant moments will only bring sorrow.

# Principle 06

“Life without a design is erratic. As soon as one is in place, principles become necessary. I think you’ll concede that nothing is more shameful than uncertain and wavering conduct, and beating a cowardly retreat. This will happen in all our affairs unless we remove the faults that seize and detain our spirits, preventing them from pushing forward and making an all-out effort.” — “Seneca”

Life never goes in a linear pattern. It changes from place to pace. Your life will always be in uncertainty until you resolve your mistakes and improve your life with all your efforts.

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