The Skill of Humor

The Skill of Humor by Atul Anand

In my words, Humor is the feeling of happiness, amusement. But for my today’s article, you can take it as a skill that will help you get better at speaking, relationships, etc. It can make you more confident and feel better about yourself.

Upfront Conclusions

In this, we are gonna talk about some of the things that matter the most in bringing more humor to your talk.

Fun Fact

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Humor is A Skill And A Choice

Humor is a Skill and A Choice

First and foremost, I want to address that humor is not a gifted thing i.e. one person can have it but others can’t. It is a skill and can be learned by anyone at any time with practice.

Laugh At Yourself

Humor is an inexpensive yet priceless tool in your relationship toolbox. But, it is a tool that needs to be sharpened regularly!

This is a very good thing to define yourself as having humous behavior. If you can learn to laugh at yourself, you will never be short of humorous material.

  • Self-deprecating humor lowers the walls between yourself and others and can be disarming.
  • Tell funny, self-deprecating stories about yourself.
  • And at last, People love stories.

Humor can you used to reduce the tension of the audience. And If you can join it with your speaking you can get attention from most of the people.

Using Humor in Conversation

Use humor as a tool, not a weapon.

The first rule of relationship-building humor: Do No Harm. Laughter at someone else’s expense ruptures relationships. Sarcasm, ridicule, and put-downs are hurtful humor. You can also hurt or offend by making comments on controversial or personal topics such as race, religion, sex, weight, appearance, etc. Even “good-natured” teasing can backfire if the other person is not receptive.

Other than that, you can also use “Laugh at Yourself” and “Humor to Reduce Tention”

Last but not especially least, using relevant humor is one of most of the important things that you should take from this read.

Humor is a delicate skill and a double-edged sword. With just a delicate stream-lined mistake you can destroy your speech. So, learning what to really use as humor should be paid attention to.

Your humor should be relatable, sometimes that can be achieved through:-

  • Using understandable pronunciation.
  • You should be the one laughing the least.
  • Humor should be relatable to the topic.
  • Your speaking language should be the majority’s choice of language.