Atul Anand

The Importance of Literature

Photo by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash

Literature is the integration in our world.

Literature stays with us for a lifetime.

Literature shows the imaginations and thinking of people.

Without literature, life will not be wondrous, thoughtful and will not be any more than a hell.

It teaches us about the life, cultures, and experiences of the people centuries ago, from any part of the world.

As we think deeply, we can observe that each one of us has its own life, own culture, own world in their mind, and thoughts and motives over they work upon and each life has its own complex structure. Literature gives us the power to know, experience and live the life of others.

It entertains us in every part of our life, it makes us cry. It gives us the ability to become what we want to be.

I learned from a talk in TED, the person told a story of two women of the time of stone age. They were talking about their son. One of the women told that I am very proud of my son he has become an elite level hunter and he can now even bring down two elephants at the same time while the other mother said that my son is going in the wrong direction; he has told me that he will only carve painting on the walls of the cave. I believe you all can understand what happened next, the person who carved the painting on the walls of the cave can be still seen by us.

In conclusion, I will only like to say you only that literature gives you a chance to make a footprint in the world; a footprint that motivates, that enhances and bring joy to lives of the people and future society.

Literature is not only a subject but a language; a language through which people expresses their life, their love, their desires, their greed and what they envy.

After even saying this much, the importance of literature doesn’t get any less I felt having a seamless number of benefits.