Atul Anand
The Art Of Speaking

I am neither a ted talker nor a professional speaker. I am a student who talks to a lot of people all over the world. I tend to read a lot of articles about speaking. Most importantly, I try to improve it.

In today’s article, I will give the tips that you should keep in mind before speaking in public or to a person.

What is On Our Palette?

What is on Your Palette?

Before going into the tips,

There are three things you have unique in you, and they are:-

  • Your voice
  • The ways you communicate information
  • The idea that you are speaking on

Tip 1: Draw Attention of Your Audience

Draw Attention of Your Audience

There are five things you can try to draw other people attention to:-

  • Speak Confidently

The goal here is the audience should not feel that you are incompetent on the topic you are speaking.

  • Maintain an even rate while speaking

Maintaining an equivalent rate of speaking will show your merit over the matter.

  • Make the information digestible for the audience.

The speech should neither be too hard nor too primary for the general audience to understand.

  • Speak with proper enunciation and pronunciation

Proper enunciation and pronunciation will bring lucidity to your speech, and it will be more reachable to other people.

  • Last and most prominent, Customize the speech according to the audience.

The audience is both the judge and the jury; if they like you, they will stay with you for the whole speech. So, to achieve that, try to customize the speech according to the audience.

Tip 2: Painting a Picture

Painting A Picture

I heard this from Cecelia, who is a Ph.D. student. Think that you are Bob Ross(A person who paints 🤐), the way he uses to talk about his paintings, immerse the audience into his paintings.

To give a similar impression on your speech, try to follow these methods:-

  • Iconic imagery

Using images relative to the topic can bring a lot of good towards painting the picture of your speech over the minds of your audience.

  • Comprehensible Diagrams

The use of good and comprehensive diagrams can create patterns in the brains of the people which will help the audience to understand the speech well. It will also make your speech more interesting.

  • Creative Slides

A good presentation along the speech will keep the audience engaged and attentive towards the topic.

  • Make your unique quirk stand out.

If you have any ability that you find unique, try to show it to your audience. This will increase the curiosity among them and, they will try to connect to you.

Tip 3: Use of Humor

Use of Humor

Humor is a topic I have previously talked about that you can check out by clicking here to get a complete understanding of it.

The key things to remember here are the followings:-

  • Use relevant humor.

Humor is a delicate skill and a double-edged sword. With just a delicate stream-lined mistake you can destroy your speech. So, learning what to use as humor should be paid attention to.

  • Laugh at yourself.

You can learn to laugh at yourself, you will never be short of humorous material.

  1. Self-deprecating humor lowers the walls between yourself and others and can be disarming.
  2. Tell funny, self-deprecating stories about yourself.

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