Atul Anand

The Art of Being Yourself

In this world of millions of people, groups, society, and habitat; Being you is what really matters. Everyone in this world has been born with different struggles, different shortcomings, different unfair advantages.

Photo by Petar Avramoski from Pexels

What made a successful person, successful?

When I say a person to be successful, I don’t mean successful monetarily, but successful in anything. So, the only thing that is common between successful people is… there is nothing in common. Yeah, there is nothing in common. For instance, the way Bill Gates chose his paths and build software that we use every day in our life i.e. Windows was not even nearly similar to what was the pathway of formation of mackintosh. If anyone of them ever thought that what I will think of making an OS when I shall get the situations like them. If that ( everyone following the same path of success) would have been the case then I believe then there would not be any development in the world.

The lesson should not be that to do something that is completely different from others but not to be dependent upon other paths to take your decision.

I would like everyone to sit for 10 minutes and think about it are you working on the same path as someone(Remember: It’s not a bad thing, Just realize)?

This is all from my side. Just think, remember, and reflect. The next part of this will be coming soon…

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