Atul Anand

My “Ideal” Writing Process

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I was thinking of a lot of ways to show my writing process. I tried doing live streams which failed miserably and will create a proper video someday.

But today, I am gonna talk about my ideal writing process.

My writing process consists of 4 core steps:

Taking In Ideas

This process takes place way before I sit down to write. This is the initial process of gathering ideas.

It could be from a video, an article, a #ship30for30 essay, or my life experiences.

I take in ideas through three major ways: sticky notes, pocket diary, and ship30for30 Index(my notion template). My computer is pretty slow so if the notion isn’t running, I will get all ideas on either sticky notes or pocket diary.

After taking in ideas everything takes place in my ship30for30 index(my notion template).


Brainstorming is when I collect all ideas in one place and try to structure them together.

This is the easiest and fastest process as I just have to collect all my ideas in one place.

Writing & Editing

This is the longest and the heftiest part of my writing process. For me, I limit my time to not more than 1 hour to complete my whole writing and editing process.

This includes creating a draft of the whole essay which takes about 20 mins.

After that, it’s all about editing and tweaking and making it better and better.


Exactly 1 hour in. I am done with my essay and moving toward posting it.

I used to use typefully but I really am starting to like hypefury. So, I tweet using hypefury embedding it on the index, and scheduling it.

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