Atul Anand

How to Increase Your Typing Speed? For People At Any Level

I am talking about increasing your typing speed because I have too increased my typing speed from just 20wpm to 85wpm within the last six months.

The rate of progress you see here could vary because, in spite of the tips, a lot of other factors matter.

From which I mean you could reach that speed in less time.

In the Beginning,

Slow down a notch

  • Type without looking also known as Touch Typing.
  • Focus on errors and improve them as once you get fast it will suck.
  • Practice rollover: use different fingers for successive letter keys instead of moving a single finger from one key to another.
  • Use keybr to improve your key typing speed of each key. Others 10FastFingers, TypeRacer to gamify your typing practice.

After Gaining Some Speed,

It took me more than a month to reach up to 40wpm. So, never lose hope and do the hard work and enjoy the process.

Practice with songs. Type along to your favorite tunes to see if you can keep up with the singer(s). Check you're accuracy when you’re done.

Learn Dolch words: There’s a list of 200 prepositions, verbs, and adverbs and another 300 or so nouns that account for 50% of English text? Practice them first.

Wait until you’re ready: Don’t run for greater wpm rates without regarding accuracy. If you’re trying to improve your speed before you’re ready it can result in poor finger placement and cause you more problems overall.

Type in the dark: To type faster and maintain accuracy at the same time, try typing in low light or in the dark so you have to focus on the screen. This will ensure you see your mistakes and aren’t tempted to look down at your fingers.

Becoming a Professional

I am not a professional at typing of any kind. These points are from other sources which I agree is true.

Familiarise yourself with new vocab. The more you type a word, the faster it will be. If you know you will need to type a particular set of words, practice them in advance.

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