Atul Anand

How to get the skill of creative storytelling?

Storytelling is a well-founded skill that can be learned by a person. The first step towards achieving those qualities, you have to integrate storytelling into your life. So, to open your minds and get the essence of storytelling in your life, this is an activity for you, which will help you understand the concept of storytelling and will probably make you a storyteller.

Activity 1 → Check your creativity.

So, as you have come till now. Stop here, and look at the below image. And don’t move forward with the article without pausing for at least 15 minutes.

Image from Pexel.
Image from Pexel.
The image is from pexels.

Activity 2 → Practice Storywriting

This is a technique that I learned from the book, “Story Worthy” by “Mathew Dicks”. The technique is to practice writing an entry of your most story-worthy moment of the day. To get the full benefit of it, you should do it every day, (in the morning or evening, up to when you feel fresh).

Activity 3 → Putting yourself in difficult situations.

Another method to make yourself a better storyteller is to put yourself into hard and difficult conversations. The way that I was did to improve both my English and my storytelling was that I was trying to take part in more and more competitions related to speaking, talking, or maybe some kind of debate even if I don’t like to do it.

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