15 Steps to Declutter Digital Space?

Today’s topic of the day is decluttering your digital space. If that comes to your mind that why clear my digital space; What I think is that in this era we spend 70% of our day in front of a computer and these days in some cases it’s more important to clean your digital space than the physical space.

Who Should Clean the Digital Space?

There are different kinds of people in the world. And I think everyone should not focus on decluttering their digital spaces. The people who spend the most time working in front of a computer should only put their precious time into decluttering. Other than if you are generally inclined to keep everything clean; I don’t think you have to follow every step here.

Step 1: Clean Your desktop.

My Desktop

Cleaning your desktop would be the first step in moving towards decluttering your desktop setups.

Step 2: Clean Your Download Folder.

My Download Folder

I think this should be every weekend thing for you if you are a clean person.

Step 3: Remove Unused Useless Computer Apps

Try to think in a linear method here. First, select the apps that you use almost every day and don’t touch them. Second, choose the things that you use rarely and try to delete everything from them until it’s not something you really need but don’t use much. Also, delete the apps that are really distracting or gives you a lot of notifications.

Step 4: Run Virus Software to Check Anything

Using “Quick Heal” and having a Virus Scan

The fourth step could be to give your computer a good full Virus Scan. You can use Clean My MacX, Quick Heal, etc., to do that.

Step 5: Customize the Sidebar/Quick Access

Clean You Quick Access Bar

Prioritizing your things is one of the important lessons you can learn. The other thing is that if there is a very single thing that is unorganized in your desktop then it can contaminate the whole system of yours.

Step 6: Move your Phone Photos

Move all your photos from your phone to your cloud based services.

Step 7: Organize the Folders

This is what the ideal should be. But it isn’t necessary. You have to make it as close as possible.

Step 8: Clear your Cloud-based Storage

My Google Drive
  1. Clean you main drive.
  2. Organize all the files into precise folders.
  3. Clean you bin.

You are done!!

Step 9: Organize the Toolbar of your Browser

My Bookmark Bar

The next tip in organizing you digital space is to clean your toolbar in your browser. Remove anything unnecessary, or some luring things like Netflix, YouTube, etc.

Step 10: Declutter your browser extensions

The extensions that I use everyday
  1. Remove all the extensions that you don’t need at all.
  2. Disable all other extensions that you want every time to open when you open your browser.

Step 11: Unsubscribe to all Useless Newsletters

Website: Unroll.me

Log-in with your mail account to unroll.me and clean all you useless e-mail. Try to keep your mails free from spams and try to keep the mail that inspires you everyday.

Step 12: Organize your Gmail labels.


Try to clean you inbox and separate it into different categories and you inbox should be inspiring, less tiering, and less overwhelming.

Step 13: Clear your email inbox.

Having a clean Gmail is a charm. No more statements. Just do that.

Step 14: Delete the apps that you don’t need. (phone/tab)

Regularly uninstalling unused apps from your smartphone (and disabling unnecessary app permissions) does more than just free up extra storage space — it helps keep your personal data safe.

Step 15: Organize your home screen.